Our Board is made up of well rounded and balanced individuals who are passionate about the holistic wellbeing of kiwi kids.  They work together to put the sparkle back into kiwi kids and their families by supporting some of NZ’s most disadvantaged families to thrive.

Melissa Cameron
Melissa has a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology and has trained in trauma, health and wellbeing. She is an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Child Development Specialist and runs her own successful businesses called Cultivate Coaching and Blossom Centre.

Melissa is passionate about the wellbeing and development of young people and in ensuring families have all the tools, strategies and resources to bring out the best in one another. Having worked with children and their families for over 10 years, she has a wealth of experience in child behaviour, child development and those with high and complex needs.  Melissa has been a foster carer working with children who have suffered from trauma, abuse and neglect and the specialist needs they have.  In her own practice, Melissa utilises a unique approach to working with children and their families, embracing individual family’s strengths and needs, environments and lifestyles and assisting with tools, techniques and strategies aligned with their family values.  She aims to make a significant positive difference with whoever she works with, helping children and their families to achieve their fullest potential.

Melissa also has a strong business background having initially qualified as a Chartered Accountant, working both locally and internationally for a large professional services firm. Her significant post graduate studies have equipped her with a unique blend of sought after skills and living and working in several regions around the world has led to Melissa’s understanding of different cultures enabling her to engage, empower and work effectively with a broad range of individuals. 

Melissa can be contacted via email at melissa@thesparklefoundation.org.nz

Dr Adeela Afiz
Dr Adeela Afiz is a Chiropractor and a Life and Business Facilitator.  She is a visionary who champions others to see possibilities, be daring and transform their life and success.

Adeela works globally as a Facilitator, Behavioural Specialist and Body Worker providing sessions and classes both online and in person.  She specialises in and uses Access Consciousness, Kinesiology and several other mind-body techniques that identify and clear subconscious blocks, change ingrained physical and behavioural patterns and creates remarkable success stories.  It is change in people that Adeela thrives on and continues to work around the globe to further facilitate.  Her background as a Chiropractor, Counsellor, and Youth Worker alongside extensive post graduate training has equipped her with a wide range of skills to complement her natural talent and ability when working with people.

After volunteering for Youthline at age 18, Adeela underwent further training to work on “it’s not ok” family violence line and crisis line for Shine. Her training in identifying at risk situations and situations of potential emotional abuse is key in her work and she is increasingly sought after for facilitating and working with babies and children with physical, emotional or behavioural concerns.

​Dr Adeela is also the co-founder and presenter of The Essential Baby Help Workshops.  She thrives on providing nurturing and solution based care for babies and their families.

Adeela can be contacted via email at adeela@thesparklefoundation.org.nz

“I continue to believe that if
children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed ​beyond their wildest dreams!”

–  David Vitter.