Programmes and Services

Our programmes are built off the philosophy of sustainability and empowerment – empowering families with the tools and skills that help their children and family to thrive; building knowledge and capacity to be self sufficient in the future.  Below are the current programmes offered by The Sparkle Foundation.  

Garden to Kitchen

We believe all children and their families should have access to daily meals of a reasonable quality and that engaging the whole family in the process builds ongoing depth of relationships and sustainable skill building for the future.

We support families in building vegetable gardens, growing staple meal ingredients, meal planning, storage and shopping along with cooking skills.

Therapeutic Interventions

Each child and family are unique.  We recognise this at The Sparkle Foundation and work with children and their families on the interventions that will be most helpful in helping them Sparkle again.

We do this in different ways depending on the individual needs of the children and their families.  This may involve knowledge and understanding, education, skill building, relationship building and more.

Connecting Families

All families need a little help from time to time and sometimes outside services are required to help families Sparkle again.

The Sparkle Foundation helps connect families with existing services in their local area where those services are a good fit based on the family’s needs.

“One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade.”

–  Chinese proverb

We are always building new programmes!  

Looking for something and can’t find it?  We’d love to hear for you.  Our aim is to connect you with the services you require or to create those that are needed.  If you’d like to discuss any of our programmes or have an idea/suggestion for something else, please email

What we provide

The money we receive goes directly towards disadvantaged children and their families in New Zealand.  Our programmes are tailored to meet local community needs and our service offerings are kept up to date to reflect this.  Some of our offerings include:

  • Homely homes – making homes more habitable and homely for children and their families (based on individual family needs).  This can include thermal backed curtains, heaters, pyjamas, blankets, storage containers
  • Anxiety based and trauma informed services – therapeutic interventions for children and/or their families including but not limited to coping with trauma, grief/loss, domestic violence, abuse, poverty, behavioural issues
  • Putting food on the table – building and planting gardens, seedling packs, garden tools, crockpots/slow cookers, staple cooking ingredients, shopping skills and habits, cooking skills