Our Mission
To improve the holistic wellbeing and quality of life for tamariki and their whanau in New Zealand.  The Sparkle Foundation will achieve this by working systemically with whanau and their communities, being proactive rather than reactive and supporting families to thrive.  Our key philosophy is that of early intervention, working alongside families wherever possible to ensure they reach their fullest potential.  

Our Vision
Our vision is to be a system-changer, to empower and support kiwi families to make New Zealand a better place for our children.  We work in support of reducing our country’s unacceptable child statistics in a sustainable way so that all kiwi kids can thrive.  We believe when we focus on the initial stressors that arise in families and supporting families at that point, the flow on effects are avoided or atleast minimised.

By working in this way, therapeutic intervention, education and support will be provided early on rather than when its often too late; thereby having strong positive long term benefits and outcomes for communities including; reduction in child poverty, higher engagement in secondary and tertiary education, reduction in youth offending and youth suicide rates, reduction in domestic violence and reduction in child abuse rates.

People ask “how can a person abuse a child?”

I ask “how can so many ‘good’ people do nothing about it?”